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MSU Campus Plantings

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January 9, 2022

The Mississippi State University campus has lots of interesting architecture and popular locations, like the Drill Field behind me. And the landscape is always going include beautiful and colorful plantings. This planting in the center of the Drill Field is stunning. Purple fountain grass is a popular and drought tolerant grass that is perfect for plantings around campus. The clumps of purple foliage are topped with rosy-red inflorescences. Complementing the fountain grass is the bright chartreuse yellow alternanthera. This plant quickly forms a tight mass of color. Red Whopper begonia and magenta annual vinca are poking out of the other plants. I love the tall planters placed along the walkways between buildings. Evergreen yews with their broad needle-like foliage are used as the thriller plants. The filler plants are bright magenta flowered Sunpatiens with vivid green foliage to show off the flower colors. Illusion Emerald Lace sweet potato vine is stunning with the bright yellow chartreuse foliage that spills over the sides of the containers. Accenting the sweet potato vine is the Mississippi Medallion winner Vista Bubblegum Supertunia. I like the use of massed Knockout roses along the walk by the student union and Chapel of Memories. These are an easy-care choice in high student traffic areas. MSU has received the Green Star Award from the Grounds Management Society for the gorgeous landscaping that adds to the campus experience. I’m Extension horticulture specialist Gary Bachman and I hope you’ll join us for the next Southern Gardening.

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