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Hunter Henry Center

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January 16, 2022

The Hunter Henry Alumni Center adds a unique look to the MSU campus and you can be sure that the landscape plantings are just as gorgeous. A welcoming combination of SunPatiens and purple fountain grass greet visitors on the way in. The pretty blush pink flowers of the Sunpatiens are highlighted against the dark colored foliage. And the long dark burgundy colored leaves of the fountain grass support the purplish inflorescences. Here, I just love the bright look provided by the Yellow Form alternanthera. Adding Serenita Angelonia, also known as summer snapdragon, is a perfect choice for this location. Another combination I like are the Colocasia and nandina. The Colocasia, sometimes called imperial taro, has dramatic black and green downward pointing leaves. This really helps to highlight the reds and oranges of the Firepower nandina foliage. The Hunter Henry Center is a unique architectural concept, and these pockets of dwarf palmetto palms further complement its design. The coarse textured, whorled four-foot fronds are supported on six foot petioles. And they are perfectly matched with purple heart for ground cover, with its dark purple leaves and fleshy stems. When coming back to campus don’t forget to visit the beautiful landscape here at the Hunter Henry Center. I’m Extension horticulture specialist Gary Bachman and I hope you’ll join us for the next Southern Gardening.

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