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Luscious Lantana

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October 3, 2021

One of my favorite flowering landscape plants has to be lantana and these Luscious lantana are looking pretty darn good after a long, hot summer. Luscious series lantana has brightly colored flower clusters that cover mounds of dark-green foliage. These plants bloom all summer. There are quite a few colors available and the Luscious series has extreme heat and drought tolerance. The brilliant red, orange, and yellow tones of Citrus blend flower clusters produce a vibrant display of color. It has a mounded habit that can grow up to 30” high and 30” wide, depending on the climate and space. Luscious Marmalade has dark green leaves as a backdrop to the brilliant yellow highlighted orange flower clusters. The beautiful color combination reminds me of the warm colors of sunset. Luscious citron lantana has a soft yellow flower color that is sure to be a hit in the home garden. Like all the Luscious lantana in the trials here in Poplarville Citron has been a butterfly and pollinator magnet. Luscious Lemonade lantana is a fantastic selection with stunning sunshine yellow two-tone flower clusters. I really like the trailing growth habit that makes for a nice ground cover. And Luscious Royale Cosmo has puffs of small multi-colored flower clusters featuring shades of lavender-pink with yellow-orange highlights. The extreme heat tolerance makes it a winner in our Mississippi summer climate. So, if you don’t have any Luscious lantana in your landscape get out to your local independent garden center and pick up a couple. I’m MSU Extension horticulture specialist Gary Bachman and I hope you’ll join us next time on Southern Gardening.

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