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Golden Shrubs

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May 30, 2021

Foundation plantings are a must for most landscapes, and usually act as anchors and supporting characters. But I love shrubs that shine in the landscape and these golden selections fit that criteria. Sunshine Ligustrum is a dense upright growing evergreen shrub with all year golden foliage. Reaching three to six feet tall, it tolerates pruning, or when left unpruned, it develops airy and loosely curving stems. This is an easy-care plant that does not require frequent maintenance. Golden euonymus is an evergreen shrub displaying dense, bold green and gold variegated foliage on an upright growth habit. This easy to care for plant is tolerant of poor soil conditions and requires minimal care once established. Night Light Chamaecyparis is a striking evergreen shrub with a dense, rounded habit. This shrub has colorful yellow foliage that becomes bronze and green in the winter. This shrub tolerates sunny conditions without experiencing leaf scorch during the summer months or winter cold burn during the colder months. And Kaleidoscope abelia changes color with the season. This is a variegated evergreen shrub with foliage that emerges bright yellow and lime green and transitions to golden yellow and finally warm oranges and reds in the fall. This is a dwarf selection perfect for small gardens or spaces. Try planting some of these golden shrubs to add some spice to your foundation plantings. I’m horticulturist Gary Bachman and I’ll see you next time on Southern Gardening.

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