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Southern Gardening APPROVED

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August 18, 2019

Here at Southern Gardening, we show you all kinds of different plants every week. But we just don’t recommend…we actually grow these in our own yards. Our plants are….Southern Gardening: Approved. Our producer, Tim, often selects plants for his large mailbox garden from plants featured in our episodes. In this year’s garden, sun coleus dominates the front half of the bed with a huge wave of color. The Alabama Sunset, Wasabi, and Colorblaze Dark Sky varieties were featured back in April, and now, they have grown up and are….Southern Gardening: Approved. We talk a lot about the Vista series of supertunia, and why not?  Tim has a combination of Vista Bubblegum and Vista Silverberry in planters and containers in different locations around his front yard, and all of them feature an explosion of color. Vista Bubblegum and Vista Silverberry supertunias. They’re….Southern Gardening: Approved. We first featured coneflowers on Southern Gardening way back in 2011. These hardy perennials have been planted in Tim’s garden for several years now, and they still keep producing loads of gorgeous flowers year after year. Coneflowers……they’re Southern Gardening: Approved. And finally, the native hardy hibiscus first appeared on Southern Gardening back in 2015.  I’ve always loved the huge dinner-plate sized flowers that come in a variety of colors. Tim’s Big Red variety has been putting out massive maroon flowers for five years.  That longevity should be no surprise. Native Hardy Hibiscus….it’s Southern Gardening: Approved.  So remember, when I recommend a plant here on Southern Gardening, you can grow it with confidence. I’m horticulturist Gary Bachman, and I’ll see you next time on Southern Gardening.

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