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Calibrachoa Color

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August 26, 2018
In the past I’ve shared on Southern Gardening how to grow and care for calibrachoa in our landscapes and gardens. But today we’re at the Mississippi State Trial Gardens to share their really colorful calibrachoa collection. Calibrachoa are extremely floriferous and deserve the well-earned common name Million Bells. And the color palette of calibrachoa is breath taking. There are solids, bicolors and now doubles. Let’s look at some really nice Superbell selections from Proven Winners. Seeing Tangerine Punch in containers on a patio is striking. The flowers feature deep tangerine orange petals surrounding a deep burgundy orange eye. I’m really a fan of calibrachoa with blotchy, variegated-like flowers. Holy Cow produces loads of gorgeous flowers on low maintenance plants. The flowers feature petals with pink splotches with soft yellow bases. Holy Cow’s cousin Holy Smokes also has plentiful flowers all season. These flowers are fun, having soft yellow bases overlaid with random bluish purple blotches. I’m really in love with these two selection featuring double flowers. Doublette Love Swept is outstanding with the small double flowers. These bountiful flowers are a gorgeous deep pink with each petal being outlined in pure white. (And finally) Double Chiffon has an abundant display of small blush yellow double flowers. I think these soft yellow flowers are dreamy. (And finally) Cardinal Star is an outstanding plant that won’t let you down. This selection features flowers that are a brilliant red with a bright yellow star. Be on the lookout for these calibrachoa and other gorgeous colors and combinations. I’m horticulturist Gary Bachman and I’ll see you next time on Southern Gardening.

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