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Toucan Canna

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November 12, 2017
Some landscapes require a little bit of extra care, while others are good on their own. Cannas are an easy flowering plant that every gardener should grow. Cannas are commonly grown as large specimen plants and look fantastic mass planted in landscapes. Their tropical-looking foliage lends bold texture to the space until the flowers steal the show from summer through fall. If you love the look of tropical plants but need some that grow more like petunias, meaning easy to grow, then look no further. Toucan cannas are fast growers, vigorous, and highly disease resistant. They are ideal for our hot Mississippi climates and they flower like crazy in the summer heat. Toucan cannas are available in variety of luscious tropical themed colors. Toucan Dark Orange flowers are a gorgeous and fiery reddish orange. Toucan Rose flowers features coral pink flowers. Toucan Scarlet has bright scarlet red flowers and bronze green foliage. And Toucan Yellow flowers are a clear sunny yellow. These plants grow to 30 to 48 inches in the landscape. While deadheading is not necessary to keep them blooming all summer, removing seed pods will likely improve appearance. Water needs are simple and the plants are quite adaptable, even tolerating standing water and droughty conditions; although consistent moisture will produce the very best plants. Toucan canna are hardy for all of gardens in Mississippi. They are fantastic landscape plants and lend a tropical feel to gardens in any locale, so go plant some. I’m horticulturist Gary Bachman and I’ll see you next time on Southern Gardening.
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