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Happy Birthday Southern Gardening

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August 6, 2016
Happy Birthday, Southern Gardening! Did you know that Southern Gardening is 20 years old this month? That’s right….it started in 1996 with host Norman Winter. And then, 6 years ago, I stepped in as the host. Sit back and enjoy some highlights of the shows over the years. While here in the South, we think of grass as something for the cows to eat. Watch as your neighbor rakes and bags his pine straw for garbage pickup. And then sneak out in the early morning and raid it for your yard. Many of you football fans probably think the word "pansy" means kind of wimpy. But the fact is these beautiful flowers are tough enough to take most winters in the South. There are times when I consider myself part of the... CSI: Horticulture Unit. Luscious Lorepetelum! Observe my power! Grow flowers....GROW! Do you know how water gets from the roots to the top of the plant? Well let's find out!!!! Because they are REALLY hot. Shishi Gashira! Whoo! I don't normally watch television for advice on love. But when I's Southern Gardening. The crew of Southern Gardening enjoys bringing you great horticultural information, and we hope to celebrate many more birthdays. We’ll see you next time on Southern Gardening.
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