Fall Mums

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October 29, 2016
Just as sure as the leaves start changing colors one of the sure signs that fall has arrived is when your local garden center has their beautiful fall mums on display. Each year nurseries grow acres of mums for us to enjoy during the autumn season. We call these plants mums, which is actually short for Chrysanthemum, and are an easy way to add color to the fall landscape. And it’s easy to see why fall mums are so popular because there are more flowers than you could possibly count. The selection of colors can fit almost any design scheme, from rustic earth tones to bright and cheery pastels. Choosing fall mums in full flower will have an instant impact for any autumn get together or event. Or you can select plants that still have tight buds and are just starting to show color. This increases the period of showy display as the buds begin to open in the garden. Always place in a spot that receives full sun, this will ensure the absolute best flowering. And a word of caution never let your fall mums wilt. This will quickly end the flower show and the plants will be slow to recover. One of the best ways to proudly display fall mums is placing containers on the front porch. Simply select a large plant and place the container and all into a beautiful decorative pot. That way there is no need to remove and replant from the original container. Displaying fall mums on your front steps will create that color splash for you to enjoy during the autumn season. I’m horticulturist Gary Bachman for Southern Gardening.
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