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Cool Combo Containers

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December 18, 2016
Sometimes those gardeners who like to grow in containers don’t think there are many options in the winter. Today I’d like to share some ideas for cool season combo containers. There are actually quite a few cool season plants to use. Some of my favorites include the colors and textures of ornamental kale, cabbage and even mustard, colorful Matrix pansies and Sorbet viola and the bright spikes of Sonnet snapdragons. But many gardeners don’t think to put them together in the same container. Let’s take a look a few combo examples. Anchoring this cool season combo are the serrated White Peacock kale, fringed Red Nagoya flat leaf kale, and purple Colorup cabbage. Adding color are Matrix pansies and one of my favorite container foliage plants, Bloody Sorrel with its sanguine veins. Now this cool season combo has a purplish red theme. The large frilly leaves of Red Seabor kale have reddish veins and the tight leafy head of Glamour Red kale is tinted purple. Matrix Raspberry Sundae Mix pansies add to the theme color. Our next combo container has the serrated green leaves of kale and pretty colors of Sonnet snapdragons. I love the color pop of Matrix Blotch Mix pansies. This combination container also features the rather fierce looking red tinged leaves of Red Dragon mustard. So visit your local garden center and pick some plants for your own cool season combo. I’m horticulturist Gary Bachman and I’ll see you next time on Southern Gardening.
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