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April 25, 2015
There are many excellent petunias on the market, so how do you decide? Let me share some simple advice: you can’t go wrong choosing Supertunias. Supertunias have been a good performer in Mississippi for the past few years. In fact, Vista Bubblegum was selected as a Mississippi Medallion winner in 2012 with its clear, bright pink flowers. Some of the other colors are just as stunning. Vista Silverberry has silvery-white flowers that have delicate magenta veins. Raspberry Blast is a bicolor with pink flowers that are edged in deep cerise violet. One of the more interesting selections is Pricilla with semi double lavender flowers with purple veins. Supertunias are a great choice grown in containers and hanging baskets. With a mature spread of up to 24 or more inches Supertunias will really fill a container or basket. When planted together the different colors of Supertunia make attractive hanging baskets. Supertunias also work well in combination containers. Salmon colored Bermuda Beach Supertunia, variegated ivy and light green Sweet Caroline Sweet potato vine make a dynamic combination. With their abundant flowering Supertunias have been bred and selected to be self-cleaning. This means no deadheading and no sticky hands. Supertunias are heavy feeders and respond well to weekly treatments with water soluble fertilizers. And be sure to provide regular watering as Supertunias do not like to dry out. Supertunias should be grown in full sun for at least five to six hours each day to reach their full flowering potential. I’m horticulturist Gary Bachman for Southern Gardening.

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