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Mothers Day Shady Container

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May 2, 2015
With Mother's Day coming up, consider putting together a beautiful combination container to brighten up a shady corner on her porch or patio. Not all plants will perform well when placed in a shady corner, so let's look at some plants that will be perfect for Mom's present. For this container, I’m looking for plants that like shade and partial shade. There are plenty of plants with colorful and interesting foliage. For example, Kong coleus is perfect with its large colorful leaves that feature incredible patterns. Another plant with striking foliage is Charmed Wine oxalis. The shamrock-shaped leaves are a bright reddish purple that will add depth to the container. And what’s Mother’s Day without flowers? For a colorful accent, Fiesta Double Impatiens are perfect for the shady ontainer. The double flowers of Sparkler Hot Pink and Sparkler range,along with Salsa Red look like tiny rose blossoms. Hypoestes Splash selections add more foliage color. These will spread up to 10 inches wide and help to fill the container. All combo containers need some plants that sprawl over the edge, and lemon thyme is perfect for Mom. The small fragrant leaves release a lemony fresh aroma with the slightest touch. Now let's put this present together. Mix and match the plants to your desires. There is no right or wrong arrangement. As long as you think its pretty, then it is. Finish everything off with a gentile dose of water. This is your labor of love. It is your personal creation to your Mom. Trust me, she will love it. I’m horticulturist Gary Bachman for Southern Gardening.

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