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African Daisy

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April 11, 2015
When shopping for flowering plants this spring, be sure to take a look at African Daisy. Known botanically as Osteospermum, African daisy are outstanding flowering plants. Today I’m at Dogwood Ridge Farms where Barbara and Mike Levy are growing beautiful African Daisies. These plants evolved in South Africa and are relatively new to many home gardeners. They have the familiar center disk and petals of the daisy family. The popular Serenity series will grow to 10 to 14 inches tall and reach up to 20 inches wide in the landscape. Serenity colors include improved pink, dark purple, lemonade, Honey Gold, and Lavender Frost. There are two Serenity selections having spoon shaped petals, White Bliss and Lavender Bliss. The unique shape shows the color contrast between the upper and lower surfaces of the petals. One of the most striking African daisy selections is the Zion copper amethyst, which will have good branching characteristics and flowers early in the season. It’s the flowers that turn heads. The petals are pastel lavender with coppery orange tips. The center is a bright purple blue speckled with yellow stamens. Always grow in the full sun keeping the planting media consistently moist. Add water soluble fertilizer weekly to promote continual flowering. So go ahead and try some African daisies in your garden this spring, I know you’ll appreciate these colorful plants. I’m Gary Bachman for Southern Gardening.

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