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Satsuma Orange Sequence

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January 8, 2013
One of the most popular of the small fruit grown in Mississippi are Satsuma oranges. Imagine picking these fresh and tasty fruit right from your own garden. Today we’re visiting my friend Terry who has several Satsuma trees at the back of his property. Satsuma’s are related to mandarin oranges. These are very juicy fruits with deep orange rinds that, with practice, can be peeled in one piece. These trees can really produce a lot of tasty fruit. You can see how Terry has to provide support to the branches or the fruit load could damage the trees. Typically the home gardener would prune to control the plant size. Terry doesn’t prune because he want to use these trees as a dense screen. So far this season he has picked over 1000 oranges. The best producing Satsuma plants are usually grafted onto a vigorously growing rootstock. Sometimes the rootstock will produce thorny stems that need to be removed. Unfortunately growing Satsuma’s in-ground is limited to the coastal counties. Moving north from the coast more winter protection is needed, but Satsuma oranges will grow and produce well in containers. If you would like more information about growing satsumas as well as other citrus please request the Extension publication Growing Citrus in Containers in Mississippi from your county Extension office or With the proper care, Satsuma’s can be a fun and nutritious addition to your garden. I’m horticulturist Gary Bachman for Southern Gardening.

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