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Flowering Standards

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April 30, 2013
Tree form flowering plants are a stunning way to display summer color. They change the perspective in which we normally enjoy colorful flowering. Tree form plants are normally shrubby plants that have been trained to resemble trees. These plants are also commonly called flowering standards. Today I’m visiting Rivers Greenhouse and Garden Center and sharing some of the flowering standards they have on display. Great examples are these red shrimp plants have been trained into a tree form. The multiple trunks are interwoven to create more interest. Raising the flowering display completely changes the way the flowers are viewed. The colorful four to five inch flower spikes are composed of the reddish bracts and emerging white tubular flowers. Cape honeysuckle is a gorgeous flowering shrub which produces clusters of brilliant orange-red tubular flowers. This plant can be readily trained into a striking tree form. Having the two growth habits side by side it’s easy to see the beauty of each. Tropical hibiscus is another plant that seems to be a perfect choice as a tree form plant. This is particularly true when you use this plant as the thriller in a large combination container. The Saffron Superbells, Diamond Frost euphorbia and Velocity and Mystic Spires salvia are the perfect garden around the base of this tree form pink tropical hibiscus. Tree form plants have the potential to be long-lived. This tree form bougainvillea was grown from a hanging basket more than 15 years ago and is a member of the Rivers family. So just like a flag, fly your colors high with tree form flowering plants. I’m horticulturist Gary Bachman for Southern Gardening.

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