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Colorful Poinsettias

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December 4, 2012
Mississippi growers produce festive holiday poinsettias that are available in different colors and styles. Today I'm at Natchez Trace Greenhouses getting into the holiday spirit. When it comes to poinsettias red is probably the most traditional and popular color. This Jubilee variety is a great example of a beautiful red. But there are newer, more unique poinsettias available. I really like the red Winter Rose variety. The furled and ruffled leaves give the impression of rose flowers. These healthy plants with several flowers resemble an arranged bouquet. There are also other colors available. This variety is called Snowcup, and is a creamy white. There are even bi-colors such as this Ice Punch, with its striking red color and white centers. Try some of these non-traditional versions of poinsettias like this tree form, or even these poinsettias growing in hanging baskets. Did you know the showy and colorful parts of the poinsettia are not actually flowers, but are really modified leaves called bracts? The actual flowers of the poinsettia are these small yellow structures in the center. When you get your poinsettias home, simply cut the plastic sleeve off to reduce any potential damage. There's an old myth that poinsettias are poisonous, but that's not true. However, you do need to thoroughly you're your hands after handling your poinsettia, as the milky sap may irritate your skin. There are many poinsettia options to choose from for your holiday decorations, including different colors and shapes. See what works best for you. I'm Gary Bachman for Southern Gardening.

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