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Golden Thryallis

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October 2, 2019

A must have plant for our Mississippi landscape is Golden Thryallis today on Southern Gardening.

Golden Thryallis is a fantastic fall flowering shrub that is known botanically as Galphimia. Flowering starts in July with plants in full flower from August first until early winter. The flower clusters are a very bright yellow that simply can’t be missed. Adding to the color are the red stamens and pistol. And the petal bases are also tinged in red.

The flower clusters produced are up to six inches long and the leaves are a bit alpine shape and about one to two inches in length. The branches are initially a rusty brown which complements the color of the flowers.

In our Mississippi landscapes, Golden Thryallis will grow into a rounded shrub, three to four foot tall and three foot wide. This plant is very pruning tolerant, and since the flowers develop on the new growth, pruning will not have a huge impact if the plants become untidy.

Golden Thryallis is deciduous in the winter and will die back to the ground around 25 degrees. It is surprisingly cold hardy as my plants on the coast survived 15 degrees this past winter. In north Mississippi, treat the same as you would a butterfly bush. Prune the plant to the ground after the first frost and mulch heavily for winter protection.

Plant Golden Thryallis in the full sun for best flowering performance as this will help keep the overall structure and appearance.

I am horticulturist Gary Bachman for Southern Gardening.

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