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Window Scapes

January 1, 2018

Window boxes are an old fashioned idea for updating your modern home landscape today on Southern Gardening

We all recognize that the charm of a window box overflowing with flowers can give any home that cottage-y feel.  The choice of window boxes is endless.  From plain wood boxes, terra cotta troughs, or wire frames lined with coir matting.  Making a decision could be time consuming. 

Try matching the window box to the style and/or color of your home.  Painting, staining or simply allowing the window box to weather are all effective treatments.  Choose simple brackets that will be hidden by trailing plants or ornate brackets meant to be seen that match your homes style. 

The size of the window box is an important consideration.  It needs to be in proportion with the window.  Too small and it may look lost on the window sill.  Too long and it may remind passersby of a floral mustache. 

Windowscapes, like our landscapes, look best planted with a variety sizes, colors, and textures.  Use the thriller, filler, and spiller combination container technique.  Try Brandy wax begonia, Fire Chief Caladium, and variegated vinca vine for a shady setting.  Or you could plant an edible window box with leaf lettuce, Tiny Tim tomatoes, and Fairy tale eggplant for delicious fresh summer meals. 

Be sure to place your window box in an easily accessible location.  It will easy to take care of and you will be more likely to give the proper care. 

Whether you have a small country house or a modern condominium, we could all use window boxes for a little more garden space.  I’m horticulturist Gary Bachman for Southern Gardening. 

Host: Gary Bachman, Ornamental Horticulture Specialist

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