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Simple Hanging Baskets

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December 31, 2018

Many times you can keep your hanging baskets simple by planting just one type of plant today on Southern Gardening.  

When talking about hanging baskets most of the focus is always on combination baskets. The plants have to be extra special and these baskets of Fiesta double impatiens don’t disappoint.  The abundance of rose-like flowers is absolutely gorgeous.  The colors include pink ruffles, purple, and apple blossom are really vivid.  Fiesta double impatiens are self cleaning and don’t need deadheading or pruning to keep them looking good.  Because these are impatiens place in a spot receiving morning sun and afternoon shade.  For the full sun these hanging baskets with double Wave petunias can’t be beat.  The flowers have pretty, frilly petals and colors include misty lilac, pink, lavender, white, and purple..  Double wave petunias will spread up to 24 inches making a colorful impact while quickly filling a hanging basket.  And the plant that had to be my favorite from 2010 the supertunia Pretty Much Picasso.  I really like the unique violet flowers trimmed with lime green.  With a mature spread of up to 36 inches really fills out these baskets.  To keep the flower production of these hanging baskets at their peak, add a couple of tablespoons of low release fertilizer at the beginning of the season and apply water soluble fertilizer in the normal watering every two weeks.  If the plants start to look a little tired, a quick trim will rejuvenate.  

By growing just one type of plant in hanging baskets prove that keeping it simple is an easy way add color to any garden or landscape.  I’m horticulturist Gary Bachman for Southern Gardening.  

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