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Southern Gardening

  • Purple Southern Indica azaleas against a green leaf background.
  • Beedance painted red bidens, each with 5 yellow petals with red tips.
  • Pansy Matrix Lavendar Shades waiting to be transplanted into the landscape.
  • Pink Enchantment rose against green background.
  • Southern Gardening host Dr. Gary Bachman in greenhouse with scarecrow.
  • Filming salad tables filled with home grown lettuces.
  • Pink flowers on a green vine growing on a wooden fence.

Southern Gardening Television is a weekly, 1 1/2 minute television segment designed to air within Mississippi television newscasts. Segments are designed for persons interested in lawn and garden care. The show features Extension Horticulturist Gary Bachman and is produced by video producer Tim Allison.

Southern Gardening Radio is also found here.


Friday, July 3, 2020 - 6:00am

The yellow petals and dark centers of black-eyed Susans are recognizable across Mississippi today on Southern Gardening.

Thursday, July 2, 2020 - 6:00am

When it's hot in our summer Mississippi landscapes, one of my favorite go-to plants is lantana. Today on Southern Gardening.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020 - 6:00am

It’s Mississippi and we all have pest problems in the landscape, I’d like to share a few tips on being proactive today on Southern Gardening.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020 - 6:00am

Hummingbirds are entertaining creatures and the right flowers are an invitation to your garden today on Southern Gardening.

Monday, June 29, 2020 - 6:00am

Horticulturist Gary Bachman talks about muscadines and some of the different varieties of the fruit.

Friday, June 26, 2020 - 6:00am

Flowering vines is the group of plants that don't get a lot of attention from many gardeners, today on Southern Gardening.

Thursday, June 25, 2020 - 6:00am

Dr. Gary Bachman: A native plant you should consider for your landscape is butterfly weed, today on Southern Gardening,

Announcer: Southern Gardening with Gary Bachman is produced by the Mississippi State University Extension Service.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020 - 6:00am

Plants that have tropical texture seem to attract the most landscape interest, today on Southern Gardening.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020 - 6:00am

Caladiums are easy to grow if you know the secrets, today on Southern Gardening.

Monday, June 22, 2020 - 6:00am

When picking your summer landscape color don't overlook foliage plants, today on Southern Gardening.


Gary's Medallion Plants
July 5, 2020

Gary's Medallion Plants

As I plan my landscape and garden each year, I always make room for Mississippi Medallion winners. Let’s take a look at some of my favorites. Fireworks Gomphrena is outstanding in my home...

Red Summer Flowers
June 28, 2020

Red Summer Flowers

If there’s one color that’s sure to draw attention to your garden I believe it has to be red. Let’s take a look at a few plants with radiant red flowers. Red zonal geraniums are a classic garden...

Elegant Elegans
June 21, 2020

Elegant Elegans

OK, let’s face it, I really like the way zinnias grow in our hot Mississippi summers. A favorite of mine are the Zinnia elegans with their long stems and large and colorful flowers. Southern...

Carpet of Color
June 14, 2020

Carpet of Color

I love plants that make colorful carpets during the summer months. Here are a few of my favorites. I like to recommend the Cora Cascade vinca because of their heavy production of colorful flowers...

Southern Gardening Articles

A cluster of unopened buds is seen next to blooms rising from burgundy foliage.
- Filed Under: Flower Gardens

One of my landscape joys is growing plants that share their big flowers with me.

Delicate, funnel-shaped blue flowers line the upright stalks of a plant.
- Filed Under: Flower Gardens

Everyone has a certain color that is their absolute favorite, and I’m no different. And while I really like the entire palette of colors available for our gardens and landscape, the one color I must have is blue.

A single flower with yellow petals and a green center blooms above green foliage.
- Filed Under: Flower Gardens

Over the last several months, I’ve been spending even more time in my home garden and landscape, and many of you may have done the same. But the pesky, hot summer temperatures have finally settled in, and now I’m looking for plants that look good in the heat without needing much supervision.

A large hardwood tree is snapped off and lays on the ground beside a house.
- Filed Under: Flower Gardens, Trees

Last week was the traditional start of the storm season, and as if on cue, Tropical Storm Cristobal paid us a visit.

This storm surprised us with a greater amount of coastal flooding than expected; and the rain, oh the rain. The Gulf Coast collected 6 inches in a 24-hour period, which was less than forecasted, but it still creates havoc in the landscape and garden.

A cluster of pink flowers has dark-red centers.
- Filed Under: Flower Gardens

To some gardeners, the zonal geranium is an old-fashioned plant, but to me, there’s nothing like having this classic in my landscape.


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