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Weed Identification: Hemp sesbania vs. Northern jointvetch

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Family: Fabaceae (Leguminosae)

Hemp sesbania

(Sesbania herbacea)

Hemp sesbania features whole oval-shaped leaves from stem. HS Seeds: Small brown pellet-like rounded rectangle seeds pictured next to dime for size comparison.


Northern jointvetch

(Aeschynomene virginica)

 Northern jointvetch features green compound leaves, which are multiple smaller oval leaves coming from either side of the stem. NJ Seeds: Small brown round seeds and small square seeds next to dime for size comparison.


One weed seed is enough to start an infestation.

Publication 3703 (POD-09-21)

By Taghi Bararpour, PhD, Assistant Extension/Research Professor, and Darrin Dodds, PhD, Professor and Head.

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