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Mississippi Peanut Variety Trials, 2016

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Peanut variety trials were conducted at four locations in Mississippi in 2016. Trials were conducted on Experiment Station land to attempt to represent the different geographic regions of the state in which peanuts are grown. The same commercially available varieties of peanuts were tested at all four locations.

Plots consisted of two 38-inch-wide, 30-foot-long twin rows. Weeds were controlled by cultivation and/or herbicides. Only herbicides currently registered for use on peanuts were used in these studies, with strict adherence to all label instructions.

All varieties were treated with a fungicide seed treatment and an in-furrow insecticide. Experimental design was a randomized complete block with four replications at each location.

All varieties were planted with a two-row, twin-drill, Monosem plot planter at a uniform seeding rate of six seeds per foot. Fertilizer was applied according to soil test recommendations.

The plots were dug with a KMC two-row peanut digger. After proper drying, the total plot area was harvested with a KMC two-row, pull-type, peanut combine fitted with a bagging attachment. The harvested plots were weighed, moisture was determined, and yields were converted to pounds per acre, following statistical analysis. All plots weights were adjusted to a standard moisture of 13%.

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