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Publication Number Titlesort descending Filed Under Date
P3887 Forest Growth and Yield Forestry, Forest Economics, Forest Management 04-21-23
P3415 Forest Herbicide Effectiveness on Mississippi Tree and Shrub Species Forestry 05-01-23
P3503 Forest Herbicides: Benefits, Environmental Considerations, Testing, and Risks Forestry, Forest Management 08-18-23
P3821 Forest Herbicides: Calibrating Backpack Sprayers Forestry, Forest Management 02-03-23
P2945‐95 Forest Retail Analysis Economic Development 12-07-20
P2944-95 Forest Retail Sales Profile Economic Development 03-29-21
P2822 Forest Soils of Mississippi Soils, Forestry, Forest Soils 12-27-20
P2619 Forestry Income Tax Series: Frequently Asked Questions about Timber Casualty Losses Agricultural Economics, Trees, Forestry, Taxation, Forest Management 05-08-23
P1250 Forestry Terms for Mississippi Landowners Forestry 02-06-23
P1612 Forestry/Wildlife Myths and Misconceptions Forestry, Forest Ecology, Forest Management, Wildlife 02-03-23
P3716-19 Forrest County Census Profile (2010-2020) Economic Development 10-21-21
P3480-18 Forrest County COVID 19 Sales Subject to Sales Tax Analysis Economic Development 03-30-21
P3389-19 Forrest County Economic Contribution of Agricultural Sales Economic Development 03-29-22
P3267-19 Forrest County Economic Well-being and Poverty Economic Development, Extension Center for Economic Education and Financial Literacy 03-30-21
P2943-19 Forrest County Retail Profile Economic Development 03-29-21
P3377-19 Forrest County Veterans Admin Profile Economic Development 07-18-19
6391 Foundations For Circular Steel Grain Bins Under 22 Ft. Diameter 04-14-14
5528 Four Bin Granary 04-14-14
P3810 Four Flap Grafting of Pecans Nuts, Trees 08-26-22
6086 Four Storage Sheds 04-14-14