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Publication Number Title Filed Under Date
6157 Farrowing - Farrowing to Finish 04-14-14
6318 Farrowing Stall with Front Creep 04-14-14
6334 Farrowing-Nursery Combination 04-14-14
6371 10 Crate Farrowing & Nursery w/Raised Pens 04-14-14
6065 Movable Calf Shelter Agriculture 09-17-14
P2426 Mississippi Beef Cattle - Producer Guide to Coping with Drought Conditions Beef 11-05-15
P2647 Nutrient Management Guidelines for Agronomic Crops Grown in Mississippi Agriculture, Soils, Soil Fertility 09-16-22
P3810 Four Flap Grafting of Pecans Nuts, Trees 08-26-22
P3745 Mississippi 4-H Wildlife Habitat Education Program Manual Wildlife Youth Education 06-09-22
IS1716 Disaster Relief: Safety Rules and Recovery Procedures after a Natural Disaster Disaster Response, Family Dynamics, Disaster Recovery 02-06-19
P3858 Soil Testing For the Farmer Farming, Soils, Soil Fertility, Soil Testing 01-26-23
P3880 Tattooing Cattle Youth Livestock, Livestock 03-31-23
P3705 Azaleas for the Landscape Flower Gardens, Landscape and Garden Design 09-28-21
P3964 Nitrogen in Mississippi Soils Soils, Soil Fertility, Lawn and Garden 01-02-24
P3777 Soybeans: Liming and Fertilization Soybeans, Soils, Soil Fertility, Soil Testing 06-15-22
P3662 Transplanting Trees & Shrubs in the Landscape Landscape Architecture, Trees 06-23-21
P2797 Transporting Beef Cattle by Road Beef 11-01-22
P3667 Repairing Storm-Damaged Shade, Ornamental, and Fruit Trees Disaster Response, Trees 07-08-21
IS1410 Family Insurance Planning Estate and Financial Planning 05-20-19
P3802 Fruit and Nut Review - Oriental Persimmons Commercial Fruit and Nuts, Fruit, Nuts 08-18-22