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Plant Analysis Sampling Instructions

  • Publication Number: P1224
    Filed Under: Soil Testing
    Publication Type: Publications

Fluid Fertilizers

Inorganic Nutrient Management for Cotton Production In Mississippi

Soil pH and Tree Species Suitability in Mississippi

Calibrating Poultry Litter Spreading Equipment

  • Publication Number: P2495
    Filed Under: Soils, Farming, Poultry
    Publication Type: Publications

Strategies for Better Management of Pasture Fertilization

Breaking Down Soil Compaction: Does It Increase Forage Production?

Management of Sports Fields in Mississippi

Establishing A Forage Fertility Program

Inorganic Fertilizers For Crop Production

Vermicomposting for the Mississippi Gardener

Urea-based Fertilizers in Forage Production

Soil pH and Fertilizers

  • Publication Number: IS0372
    Filed Under: Soils, Soil Testing
    Publication Type: Information Sheets

Phosphorus in Mississippi Soils

Potassium in Mississippi Soils

  • Publication Number: IS0894
    Filed Under: Soils
    Publication Type: Information Sheets

Micronutrients in Crop Production

Soil Testing for the Homeowner

Agricultural Limestone's Neutralizing Value

  • Publication Number: IS1587
    Filed Under: Soils, Soil Fertility
    Publication Type: Information Sheets