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Rural Medical & Science Scholars

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SUMMER 2021, June 1–28

A Program for Mississippi Citizens and Communities

Since 1998, the Rural Medical and Science Scholars program has been focused on helping high school seniors determine if they want to pursue health-related careers and shaping students’ interest and understanding of medicine, health-related disciplines, and other STEM fields. The scholars engage with healthcare professionals, complete 1 month of health science college coursework and engage in didactic, observational, and experiential learning. Discovering interest and solidifying career intent early, whether healthcare-related or not, can strengthen future goals, save money, and help ensure a successful career path.

Adding one physician to a community contributes an average of $1.8 million in additional economic output. Hence, the program works to ensure a strong and passionate workforce for the long-term goals of improving Mississippi’s economy and increasing access to healthcare.

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444 students have participated in the RMSS program.

Scholars have come from 69 of the state’s 82 counties.

26% of participants represent minorities.

62% of participants are female, and 38% are male.

58 scholars have attended medical school.

30 practice in primary care.

70% have engaged in STEM-related careers.

Many scholars are pursuing healthcare careers in nursing, pharmacy, dentistry, counseling, medical research, public health, and physical or occupational therapy. Other scholars now work in STEM-related careers, such as mathematics, technology innovation, and mechanical, biological, or chemical engineering.

We gratefully acknowledge the Mississippi State University Extension Service, MSU College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President, Office of Rural Health and Primary Care, AIM for Change Initiative, and CREATE/Toyota Wellspring for their support of this program.

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Portrait of Ms. Ann Sansing
Extension Instructor
Rural Medical Scholars Program Director/Community Health Coordinator