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Publication Number Title Filed Under Date
P3664 Simplifying Southern Pine Thinning with Stand Density Index - Pine Thin: A Smartphone Application Timber Harvest, Wood Products 07-02-21
P2888 Best Foot Forward: Helping 4-H'ers Create Dynamic Presentations 4-H 08-12-19
P2829 Protecting Pollination by Honey Bees in Mississippi Beekeeping 06-11-19
P2826 Managing Varroa Mites in Honey Bee Colonies Beekeeping, Insects-Pests 06-17-19
P2885 Agriculture Disaster Recovery Centers Agriculture, Disaster Response 02-11-22
P1868 Protecting Your Private Well: An Environmental Self-Assessment Mississippi Well Owner Network, Rural Water Association, Water Quality 10-19-18
P2892 Selecting and Managing Turfgrass for Shade Turfgrass and Lawn Management 07-16-21
P2896 Signs and Symptoms of Emerald Ash Borer Insects-Pests, Trees, Forestry 10-22-21
P2894 LED Bulbs: Much to Offer the Poultry Industry Poultry 02-06-20
P2895 Hay Quality and How It Affects Your Feeding Program Legumes, Livestock 07-05-18
P2897 Forage and Manure Analysis Laboratories Forages 07-05-18
P2898 Avian Influenza Threat Requires Heightened Biosecurity Measures Avian Flu 02-05-20
P2901 Community Economic Development: Key Concepts Economic Development 09-30-15
P2899 Extension Advisory Committees: An Introduction About Extension, Leadership 07-29-19
P2902 Native Warm-Season Grasses as a Forage in MS: Establishment and Maintenance Costs Forages 07-10-18
P2904 Managing Hardwood Stands for Acorn Production Forest Management, Wildlife 11-18-21
P2821 Farmers Markets: Great Source for Local Produce Farmers Markets 05-14-19
P2877 Gear Up To Volunteer! A 12-Month Guide for 4-H Robotics Volunteers STEM – Science Technology Engineering and Math, Join 4-H Robotics Club, Volunteers 08-23-17
P3671 Product Pricing and Breakeven Concept Agricultural Economics 07-14-21
P0464 4-H Seed Judging Youth Projects 02-10-16