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Market Lamb Project Guide: Health Care Management

Publication Number: P2477
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Showing market lambs is an exciting livestock project for 4-H and FFA youth. Putting in hard work by exercising and showing your lamb at home often pays off at the show. The success you have with your lamb depends a lot on an effective health care management program. If you raise your own lambs from birth, you should keep complete and accurate records of the vaccination and feeding program. If you buy your lambs, be sure to get the vaccination and feeding program that the producer used. This will allow you to understand what has been done to the lambs so you can maintain an effective health care management program.

Watch lambs every day for changes in their behavior and attitude. One sign to look for is the lamb going off feed. This is a signal of a health problem, and you need to take action to help your animal recover completely. A big part of an effective health care program is disease prevention, which includes vaccinations, deworming, hoof care, and medications in feed.

This guide will provide an overview of common diseases and other conditions found in lambs, signs to look for to determine if your lamb is infected, and preventive measures to take.

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