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FISHY: A Computer Program for U.S. Farm-Raised Catfish Production Management

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FISHY was first developed in 1980. It was written in Basic and ran on Radio Shack TRS-80 computers. Lee Fouché (an MSU agricultural economics and computer science graduate) and I wrote the initial version, with heavy assistance by agricultural economics professor John Waldrop. Since then, I have redesigned, rewritten, and republished FISHY many times to adapt to the needs of the U.S. farm-raised catfish industry, as well as to the significant technological advances over the years. New bulletins and supporting computer programs were developed in 1985 (IBM PC and compatibles), 1992, 1995 (written in Clipper, a FoxBase competitor), and 2002 (written in Windows Sensitive Visual FoxPro1 , the current FISHY language).

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