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3-D Printing for Beginners

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Three-dimensional printers, while not yet mainstream, are starting to find their way into local communities through libraries, schools, and other resource centers. The Mississippi State University Extension Center for Technology Outreach has a 3-D printing lab that Extension professionals can use to design prototypes and create learning opportunities for clients. 3-D printers are a great tool to introduce 4-H’ers to makerspace activities and lessons. Further, it helps young people develop critical-thinking skills while learning useful skills such as software modeling.

4-H youth groups and hobbyists can use 3-D printers at libraries throughout the state, many of which are gaining access to 3-D printing technology through a program started by the Mississippi Library Commission. Local libraries can “check-out” a 3-D printer for a period of time to use with patrons.

If you’re considering using or purchasing a 3D printer, there are several areas you should investigate before jumping in.

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