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Publication Numbersort descending Title Filed Under Date
M0011 MHV State Handbook Mississippi Homemaker Volunteers 09-05-18
M0915 Halloween Safety Tips Family, Children and Parenting 09-06-18
M0980 Rural Medical & Science Scholars brochure Rural Health 10-25-22
M1128 Beef Quality is Every Cattle Producer's Business! Animal Health, Beef 02-20-19
M1182 MSU Extension Equine Assisted Therapy Programs - brochure 4-H, Equine Assisted Therapy Programs 05-20-19
M1190 Junior Master Gardener letter Youth Gardening 08-08-18
M1194 Mississippi’s 10 Worst Invasive Weeds Weed Control for Crops, Weed Control for Forages, Weed Control, Invasive Plants 04-06-21
M1230 Plant Diagnostic Laboratory Plant Diseases and Nematode Diagnostic Services 03-17-22
M1384 How Long Will It Keep? TummySafe 07-24-17
M1385 Safe End Point Temperatures for Foods TummySafe 07-24-17
M1386 TummySafe - A Correct Hand Washing Procedure TummySafe 07-24-17
M1417 Spice it Up! Food 12-19-19
M1422 Healthy Cooking for You and Your Family - Food Label and Recipe Modification Food, Health, Nutrition 04-23-20
M1522 Mississippi 4-H Livestock Programs 4-H Livestock Program, Youth Livestock 11-07-19
M1536 Choosing Quality Child Care Children and Parenting 08-07-18
M1562 How to Collect and Package Plant Disease Specimens for Diagnosis Plant Diseases 09-19-17
M1644 The Economic Contributions of Forestry and Forest Products - Monroe County Forest Economics, Forestry Impacts 03-15-23
M1647 What You Should Know about Trichomoniasis in Cattle Agriculture, Livestock, Animal Health 06-26-20
M1656 Host the Welcome to the Real World! simulation workshop! Family Financial Management, Volunteer Money Mentors 10-05-22
M1659 The Economic Contributions of Forestry and Forest Products - Adams County Forest Economics, Forestry Impacts 03-15-23