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Publication Number Title Filed Under Updated Date
P3495 Cut Flower Production: Overview for Mississippi Marketing and Business Planning August 6, 2020
P3488 Livestock Risk Protection Insurance for Feeder Cattle in Mississippi Agricultural Economics August 6, 2020
P3494 Poultry Extension Personnel Needed across East Africa Poultry August 5, 2020
P2985 Car Seat Safety Safety and Regulations August 4, 2020
P3430 14-Day Shopping and Meal Plan Coronavirus August 4, 2020
P3491 2019 MSU Extension Soybean Variety Demonstration Program Soybeans August 5, 2020
P3482 Fish-Eating Birds on Catfish Ponds in the Mississippi Delta Catfish, Fisheries, Wildlife July 30, 2020
P3493 Differences between Organic and Conventional Cow’s Milk Dairy July 30, 2020
M2182 Water Works with Extension From the Ground Up Irrigation, Water August 5, 2020
P3490 Protein Requirements for Mature Horses Animal Health July 29, 2020
3377‐3 Alcorn County Veterans Admin Profile Economic Development July 27, 2020
P3002 Understanding the Mississippi Agritourism Limited Liability Law Agri-tourism July 24, 2020
M2361 Be a Superhero! Coronavirus July 23, 2020
M2362 Be a hero! Coronavirus July 23, 2020
P3173 Alternative Markets for Generating Forest Income Forestry, Forestry Impacts, Forest Management, Agroforestry July 20, 2020
P2309 Holiday Houseplants Cut Flowers and Houseplants July 16, 2020
P2573 Selecting and Maintaining Poinsettias Cut Flowers and Houseplants July 16, 2020
M2358 Be a Hero! Protect Your People from COVID-19 Coronavirus July 14, 2020
P3174 Guide to Abiotic Disorders of Woody Plants in the Landscape Commercial Horticulture, Landscape Management July 10, 2020
P3486 Artificial Regeneration of Bottomland Hardwoods Forestry, Forest Management July 8, 2020