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Gulf Gone Fishing: Mississippi State University Extension Service Angling to Assist Mississippi Seafood Fishers

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On a Fishing Mission

Extension agents and specialists are available to you, whether you’re fishing for fun or for profit!

Extension and Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium Education and Incentives for Fishers include:

  • Economic-impact analysis
  • Marine aquaculture research
  • Marine regulations information
  • Seafood processing and harvesting
  • Sustainable fishing and wetland management

Let’s Go Fishing!

Visit Extension’s free online marine and fisheries resources today!

Connect with Extension specialists and agents who provide research-based expertise and insight.

Mississippi MarketMaker connects you directly to food processors, grocery stores, specialty outlets, and food industry groups.

Gulf Coast Fisherman Newsletter gives you the latest news on markets, technology, research, and regulations.

Reeling in Seafood Grows Mississippi’s Economy

  • $317 million—Commercial seafood’s annual economic impact on Mississippi (2018)
  • 6,100 employees—Average number of seafood industry workers in the state (2018)
  • 500 vessels—Approximate number of Mississippi commercial fishing boats (2018)

2020 Catch*

Total Seafood Harvest 304 million lb

  • Menhaden 296 million lb
  • Shrimp 6.1 million lb
  • Blue Crabs 645,000 lb
  • Red Snapper 180,000 lb
  • Spotted Seatrout 19,000 lb
  • Red Drum 51,000 lb

*Industry totals and values were calculated by the National Marine Fisheries Service Fisheries Statistics and Economics Division.

Good Returns for Those Who Bait

Most Valued Commercial Species in 2020*

  • Shrimp $12 million
  • Menhaden $39 million
  • Red Snapper $365,000
  • Blue Crabs $890,000

M2139 (POD-05-22)

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