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Publications Filed Under Forestry

Obtaining Biomass/Volume/Carbon Estimates Using EVALIDator Version 2.0.3

Effects of Long-Term Drought on Urban Trees

Planting Southern Pines: A Guide to Species Selection and Planting Techniques

  • Publication Number: P1776
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    Publication Type: Publications

Sample Pine Thinning Contract

Mechanical Site Preparation for Forestry in Mississippi

Prescribed Burning for Pasture Management

Chain Saw Safety: Tree Felling

Soil pH and Tree Species Suitability in Mississippi

Forest Environments: Identifying Herbicide Damage and Selecting Herbicides

  • Publication Number: P3117
    Filed Under: Forest Management
    Publication Type: Publications

When Will A Prescribed Burn Help My Pine Stand?

Forestry Income Tax Series -- Setting up the Books Using a Tree Farm Journal

Managing the Family Forest in Mississippi

  • Publication Number: P2470
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    Publication Type: Publications

Tree Injection for Timber Stand Improvement

4-H Forestry Competition Handbook

Marketing Your Timber: Forest Products

Southern Pine Beetle in Mississippi: An Overview

Natural Reproduction Methods for Hardwood Regeneration