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Publications Filed Under Food and Health

Mississippi Cottage Food Operations: Regulations and Guidance

Cottage Food Laws in Mississippi: Key Guidelines and Policy Implications

Creating a Farm-to-Table Event

Tailgating Food Safety

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HappyHealthy Newsletter: Broccoli

Rural Medical &Science Scholars Summer 2021

  • Publication Number: M1343
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    Publication Type: Miscellaneous

You Have the Power to Prevent Opioid Addiction

HappyHealthy Newsletter: Sweet Potatoes

  • Publication Number: P3407
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HappyHealthy Newsletter: Zucchini

  • Publication Number: P3408
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Spice it Up!

  • Publication Number: M1417
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HappyHealthy Newsletter: Greens

COVID-19 14-Day Meal Plan

COVID-19 Preventive Measures for Food Industry Professionals

Add Healthy Foods to Your Recipes

Six Strategies to Strengthen Your Business during COVID-19

  • Publication Number: P3444
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COVID-19 Resources for Local Governments

Backyard Chickens and COVID-19

  • Publication Number: P3447
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Minimizing Risk when Operating a Farmers Market