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2020 Soybean Quality Results for MG IV RR2X Varieties in Clay Soil

2020 Soybean Quality Results for Maturity Group V RR2X Varieties

2020 Soybean Maturity Group IV Enlist E3 Variety Response to Iron Deficiency Chlorosis

Brown Stink Bug Management in Early Vegetative Stage Field Corn in Mississippi

Herbicide Damage in Tomatoes

Control Fire Ants in Commercial Fruits, Nuts, and Vegetables

Salvia for the Mississippi Gardener

2020 MSU Extension On-Farm Cotton Variety Demonstration Program

  • Publication Number: P3584
    Filed Under: Cotton
    Publication Type: Publications

Mississippi Crop Insurance Dates and Information

Fruit and Nut Recommendations for Mississippi

2021 Mississippi Agricultural Crop Damage Assessment

Stock (Matthiola incana) for the Farmer Florist

2020 MSU Extension Soybean Variety Demonstration Program

  • Publication Number: P3645
    Filed Under: Soybeans
    Publication Type: Publications

Planting Methods and Seeding Rates for Small Grain Crops

  • Publication Number: P2401
    Filed Under: Grains
    Publication Type: Publications

Bacterial Leaf Scorch

Selecting Small Grain Cereals for Forage Production

  • Publication Number: P3165
    Filed Under: Grains, Forages
    Publication Type: Publications

2017–21 Crop Input Expense Summary

Corn Fertilization