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Pecan Orchard Renovation

2022 MSU Wheat Variety Suggestions

  • Publication Number: P3693
    Filed Under: Agriculture, Wheat
    Publication Type: Publications

2022 MSU Grain Sorghum Hybrid Suggestions

  • Publication Number: P3759
    Filed Under: Agriculture, Grains
    Publication Type: Publications

2022 MSU Corn Hybrid Suggestions

  • Publication Number: P3694
    Filed Under: Agriculture, Corn
    Publication Type: Publications

2018–22 Crop Input Expense Summary

Nutsedge Management in Mississippi Sweetpotatoes

Impacts of Insect Growth Regulators on Tarnished Plant Bug Management

Evaluating Insecticide Efficacy Against Tarnished Plant Bugs in Cotton

Herbaceous Biomass Production: Switchgrass as a Potential Biomass Crop in Mississippi

  • Publication Number: P2874
    Filed Under: Biofuels
    Publication Type: Publications

Perennial Peanuts as a Forage Crop

  • Publication Number: P2624
    Filed Under: Peanuts, Legumes
    Publication Type: Publications

2020 Mississippi Medallion Plants

Damping-off in Vegetables

Southern Pine Beetle in Mississippi: An Overview

2022 Projected Rice Returns Summary

2022 Projected Corn, Cotton, and Soybean Crop Returns Summary

Growing Sweet Potatoes at Home

Plant Growth Regulators (PGRs) in Mississippi Cotton

Micronutrients in Mississippi Soils and Plant Nutrition

HappyHealthy Newsletter: Watermelon

  • Publication Number: P3524
    Filed Under: Fruit, Nutrition
    Publication Type: Publications