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Publication Number Title Filed Under Date
P3189 Chinese Tallowtree Weed Control for Crops, Weed Control for Lawn and Garden 03-05-21
P3187 Kudzu Weed Control for Crops, Weed Control for Forages, Weed Control for Lawn and Garden 09-06-18
P3144 Buy Fresh Fruits & Vegetables in Season! Nutrition 08-10-18
P3190 Cogongrass Weed Control for Crops, Weed Control for Forages 11-12-19
P3186 Itchgrass Weed Control for Crops, Weed Control for Forages 09-06-18
P3199 What You Need to Know about Chronic Wasting Disease in Mississippi Deer Chronic Wasting Disease, White-Tailed Deer 10-21-18
P3195 Minor Pests of Honey Bees in Mississippi Beekeeping, Insects-Pests 09-06-18
P3184 Why Do You Need Anti-Virus Software? Technology, Family 02-08-18
P2599 It's All About Beans! Food, Health 02-09-18
P3185 Invasive Species in Pasture Systems: Chinese Tallowtree Forages, Invasive Plants 06-25-21
P3194 Economic Contributions of the MS Seafood Industry by Major Species in 2015 Seafood Economics 03-17-21
M2238 Help Clean Up the Beach 2017 Environment, Marine Resources 01-25-18
P3183 Brooder Elevation Is Important When Heating Broiler Houses Poultry 01-25-18
P3179 Grading Hardwood Trees: A Guide to Identifying Stem Quality in Hardwood Stands Trees, Forestry 06-28-21
P3180 Vertebrate Pest Control in the Home Garden and Landscape Lawn and Garden, Nuisance Wildlife and Damage Management 06-25-21
P3178 Development of Biomass Best Management Practices for Mississippi Biofuels, Forestry 06-21-21
IB0527 Mississippi Peanut Variety Trials, 2017 Peanuts 01-18-18
P3175 Common Diseases of Tomatoes Plant Diseases, Plant Diseases and Nematode Diagnostic Services 04-30-20
IB0525 Mississippi Grain Sorghum Hybrid Trials, 2017 Grains 12-20-17
P3173 Alternative Markets for Generating Forest Income Forest Economics 12-15-17