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Publication Number Title Filed Under Date
P3863 Using Simulators for Training Individuals to Efficiently and Safely Operate Logging Equipment Forestry, Forest Economics, Forest Management 02-02-23
P3855 Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) in the Construction of Nonresidential Buildings Forestry, Forest Economics, Forest Management 01-31-23
P3850 How Do Log Truck Drivers Receive Payment? Forestry 01-31-23
P3851 Legal Forms of Farm Business Organization: Which Should I Choose? Agricultural Economics 01-30-23
3735-14 Alligator Weed | Alternanthera philoxeroides Water Weeds 01-26-23
P3854 Growing Your Brand: Farmers Market Business Structures and Regulations | A Guide for Youth Local Flavor, Farmers Markets, Marketing and Business Planning, Community, Economic Development 01-25-23
P3735-17 Arrowhead | Sagittaria spp. Water Weeds 01-25-23
3735-19 Bulrush | Schoenoplectus spp. Water Weeds 01-25-23
P3735-16 American Lotus | Nelumbo lutea Water Weeds 01-24-23
P3735-18 Bald Cypress | Taxodium distichum Water Weeds 01-24-23
P3856 Submitting Samples for Soil Testing Agriculture, Soils, Soil Fertility, Soil Health, Soil Testing 01-25-23
P3852 You Don't Know Jacks: A Guide to Gulf of Mexico Seriola Jacks Fisheries, Marine Resources 01-20-23
P2901 Community Economic Development: Key Concepts Community, Economic Development 01-11-23
P3848 HappyHealthy Newsletter: Water Safety Health and Wellness 01-06-23
P3842 Understanding Farm Asset Depreciation and Tax Implications Agriculture, Agricultural Economics, Farming, Economic Development, Small Business, Basic Money Management, Forest Economics 12-14-22
P3833 Estimating the Economic Impact of Tourism Events Economic Development 12-09-22
P3844 Effective Municipal Government Meetings Community, City and County Government 11-28-22
P3845 A Quick Guide to the Open Meetings Act Community, City and County Government 11-28-22
P3843 A Quick Guide to the Mississippi Public Records Act Community, City and County Government 11-28-22
P3839 Creating a Pollinator Garden Leadership, Community, Master Gardener, Lawn and Garden, Flower Gardens 11-28-22