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Publication Number Title Filed Under Date
P3046 Food Safety at Barbecues and Picnics Food Safety 05-11-17
M2184 Junior Master Wellness Volunteer brochure 4-H, Junior Master Wellness Volunteer 08-20-20
IB0520 Mississippi Cotton Variety Trials, 2016 Cotton 05-09-17
IB0519 Mississippi Perennial Cool-Season Forage Crop - Variety Trials, 2016 Grasses 05-09-17
IB0518 Mississippi Warm-Season Forage Crop Variety Trials, 2016 Forages, Grasses 05-09-17
P3082 Watersheds: Role, Importance, & Stewardship Community, Environment, Water, Mississippi Water Stewards 03-09-20
P3065 Mississippi Coastal Cleanup - Volunteer's Handbook Community, Environment 08-18-20
P3064 Mississippi Coastal Cleanup - Site Coordinator's Handbook Community, Environment 08-18-20
P3078 What to Do about Coliform Bacteria in Well Water Healthy Homes Initiative, Mississippi Well Owner Network, Water Quality 09-10-20
P3077 4-H S.A.F.E.T.Y.: Shotgun and the Clover Clays 4-H Shooting Sports 04-27-20
P3073 Preparing for the 4-H State Invitational Shotgun Events 4-H Shooting Sports 04-24-20
P3049 Food Safety & Risk Reduction for Deer Processors Food, Food Safety, Wildlife 04-26-17
P3076 Cucurbit Downy Mildew Crops, Plant Diseases, Vegetable Gardens 06-06-22
P3062 Protecting Your Property and the Environment: A Homeowner's Guide to Living Shorelines in Mississippi Marine Resources 08-18-20
P3063 Protecting Your Property and the Environment: A Homeowner's Guide to Living Shorelines in Alabama Marine Resources 08-18-20
P3056 Oil and Gas Exploration in Mississippi: Tips for Landowners Rural Development, Natural Resources, Forest Economics 04-13-17
M2186 MSU Extension District Map County Extension Offices 04-06-17
P3069 What Should My Social Strategy Be? Technology 04-03-17
P3068 Creating Successful Facebook Ads Technology 03-30-17
P3067 Chilling-Hour Requirements of Fruit Crops Fruit 08-11-20