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4-H Dairy Products Judging: Swiss Style Strawberry Yogurt Scorecard

Publication Number: F1188
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The Swiss Style Strawberry Yogurt scorecard is used in the 4-H Dairy Products Judging contest to record flavor and body and texture criticisms of eight yogurt samples.

Flavor criticisms are

  1. Artificial sweetener
  2. Bitter
  3. Cooked
  4. Foreign
  5. High acetaldehyde
  6. High acid
  7. High flavoring
  8. High sweetness
  9. Low acid
  10. Low flavoring
  11. Low sweetness
  12. Oxidized
  13. Unclean
  14. Unnatural flavor

If there are no criticisms, the sample receives a score of 10. The normal range for flavor scores is 1–10.

Body and texture criticisms are

  1. Gel-like
  2. Grainy
  3. Ropy
  4. Too firm
  5. Weak

If there are no criticisms, the sample receives a score of 5. The normal range for body and texture scores is 1–5.

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Portrait of Dr. Dean Jousan
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