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What do Mississippi's Public Forestry Agencies do?

There are several agencies of the federal and Mississippi state government that have responsibilities in forestry. The common occurrence of newspaper and television reporters referring to people they interview as working for the "forestry service" is an indicator of the confusion among the public about the different roles of various agencies in forestry.

The purpose of this page is to explain the public agencies involved in forestry, so landowners and the general public will have a better understanding of the role each agency fills.

  1. The leading state forestry agency in our state is the Mississippi Forestry Commission. MFC has a forester located in most counties. Check the local phone book or the MFC web page for your county forester. The MFC has responsibilities for:
    • wildfire protection and prevention
    • technical forest management assistance to private landowners
    • administering cost-share funds for reforestation and other forest management practices under the Forest Resource Development Program (FDRP)
    • managing 16th section timberlands, state park forests, and other public forest lands
    • assistance with other cost-share programs
    • other programs
  2. The US Forest Service is a federal agency (Division of the US Department of Agriculture) that has responsibility for management of the National Forest lands in Mississippi. The mission of the forest service is to protect and manage the 1.1 million acres of National Forests in our state. Mississippi National Forests include the Holly Springs, Delta, Tombigbee, Bienville, Homochitto, and DeSoto.

The US Forest Service also has a research mission carried out by the Southern Research Station headquartered in Ashville, NC.

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Filed Under: Forestry, Forest Management, Beginning Forestry, Timber Harvest January 31, 2019

STARKVILLE, Miss. -- The Mississippi State University Extension Service invites private landowners to a workshop to learn about the benefits prescribed burns provide for wildlife habitat.

The prescribed burning workshop will be held at the Black Prairie Wildlife Management Area in Crawford, Mississippi, on Feb. 15 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

A single-lane dirt road runs through a green forest with a slightly raised dirt structure running across from one side to the other and another similar diversion several yards further up the road.
Filed Under: Beginning Forestry January 4, 2019

Many forest landowners wonder if best management practices really matter on their property, and the simple answer is yes. (Photo by MSU Extension Service/John Auel)

Aerial view of fields with a tree-lined creek running through the middle.
Filed Under: Forest Management, Beginning Forestry December 21, 2018

Streamside management zones have become critical tools forestry landowners and professionals use for protecting water quality during and after timber harvests.

A large field with tree seedlings growing in the middle of a long row void of other plants. Adjacent rows are full of grasses and weeds.
Filed Under: Beginning Forestry December 14, 2018

Growth and survival of planted hardwood seedlings are not guaranteed, and forest managers may need to learn more about establishment methods to avoid failed plantings. 


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