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Can I grow all the feed needed for my cattle?

Hay field

Yes, if you balance your cattle numbers with the land area you have for growing pasture and hay. This may average 2 to 3 acres per cow - calf unit, but can vary with the land type, forage species, fertility, animal requirements, and other environmental conditions. By using both warm and cool forages for grazing and hay, a balance can be reached with time.  Rotational grazing could increase carrying capacity and forage utilization.

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Pasture with dying grass.
Filed Under: Forages, Management - Forages February 6, 2024


Yellow buttercup weeds.
Filed Under: Weed Control for Forages, Weed Control January 26, 2024

Whether you have a large lawn, field, or pasture, you’ve probably had to deal with pesky weeds. 

A bale of round hay in a mostly empty field.
Filed Under: Forages, Management - Forages, Livestock October 20, 2023

Mississippi hay growers harvested at least 28 percent less hay this year than usual because of the drought that reached extreme levels in parts of the state. Brett Rushing, Mississippi State University Extension forage agronomist, said hay producers in the state typically get three cuttings a year, and often four if they manage well and the weather cooperates.

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