Organic Vendors

Johnny's Selected Seeds
1 Foss Hill Road, RR 1 Box 2580, Albion, ME 04910-9731
tel 207-437-4395 (commercial orders), 207-437-4301 (home gardeners), fax 800-437-4290
email (commercial orders), (home gardeners), web site
Johnny's markets seeds in small and large quantities, as well as some books, supplies, tools, and equipment. They have both treated and untreated seed. Their seeds are targeted to short growing seasons, northern climates, or organic growers, and many of their cultivars are appropriate for southern production. Johnny's catalog includes practical information on how to grow each crop, including ideal germination temperatures for each crop. Keep their catalog as a reference on crop production. [R O C]

Seeds of Change
P. O. Box 15700, Santa Fe, NM 87596-5700
tel 888-762-7333 (orders), 505-438-8080
web site
They market certified organic open-pollinated (non-hybrid) seeds, as well as the very high quality English-made Record garden tools (Bulldog brand in England). [O]

Chesmore Seed Company
P. O. Box 8368, St. Joseph, MO 64508-8368
tel 800-383-0865, 816-279-0865, fax 816-232-6134
web site
Chesmore distributes farm quantities of seeds from various seed sources. They have both treated and untreated seed (selection is limited for some cultivars). They also handle some greenhouse supplies and field equipment. [C]

Shepherd's Garden Seeds
30 Irene St., Torrington, CT 06790-6658
tel 860-482-3638 (home gardeners), 800-444-6910 (wholesale), fax 860-482-0532
web site
Shepherd's specializes in good tasting cultivars. Many of the cultivars they sell are not handled by other distributors in the USA. They only sell small packets of seeds, as well as some equipment and supplies.

Horizon Herbs
P. O. Box 69, Williams, OR 97544
tel 541-846-6704, fax 541-846-6233
email, web site
Sells seeds and some live roots and plants of medicinal herbs. Their seeds are organically grown or wild harvested. Their live roots are organically grown. [O]

Nolt's Produce Supplies
152 North Hershey Ave., Leola, PA 17540
tel 717-656-9764, fax 717-656-6540
Nolt's markets farm quantities of seeds, farm and greenhouse supplies, irrigation equipment and supplies, pumps, plastic mulch, mulch layers and lifters, and packaging machinery. They deal primarily with vegetable growers. [C]

Kinsman Company, Inc.
P. O. Box 357, Point Pleasant, PA 18950
800-733-4146, fax 215-297-0450
web site
Kinsman carries the very high quality English-made Record garden tools (Bulldog brand in England). They also carry bird houses, English ironwork planters, and other supplies for gardens.

Peaceful Valley Farm Supply
P. O. Box 2209, Grass Valley, CA 95945
tel 888-784-1722 (orders), 530-272-4769 (other)
web site
Peaceful Valley markets seeds, supplies, organic pesticides, organic fertilizers, animal traps, tools, equipment (including spreaders, seeders, tillers, and backpack sprayers), and books, for organic growers. Their organic products selection is extensive. [O]

N-Viro Products, Inc.
Ferguson Mill Rd., P. O. Box 30, Monticello, MS 39654
tel 601-587-0027, fax 601-587-0420
N-Viro Products (not to be confused with N-Viro International), uses Mississippi broiler litter (broiler manure and pine shavings) in a high temperature (250oF) extrusion process to produce a peletized 3.5-3.5-3.5 (N-P-K) organic fertilizer. By adding various amounts of other organic materials, they also produce 6-2-4, 5-2-4, and 2-10-10 organic fertilizers. They are nearing completion of the OMRI certification process for their products. [O]

Circle One International, Inc.
16209 Flight Path Drive, Brooksville, FL 34609
tel 800-430-2467, 352-544-0202, fax 352-544-0230
email, web site
Circle One manufactures various liquid organic fertilizers and fertility products. [O C]

AgriEnergy Resources
21417 1950 E St., Princeton, IL 61356
tel 815-872-1190, fax 815-872-1928
email, web site
AgriEnergy manufactures various organic and non-organic fertilizers and fertility products, innoculants, provides soil and microbiological laboratory analyses, and offers a crop consulting service. They work primarily with midwestern growers, although they are increasing their sales outside that region. [O C]

Midwest Bio-Systems
Route 1 Box 121, Tampico, IL 61283
tel 815-438-7200, fax 815-542-6470
web site
Midwest Bio-Systems manufactures aerobically formed compost as well as compost turners. They market both self-propelled and tractor pulled PTO-driven compost turners. They offer composting seminars at different locations nationally, at which they teach methods of aerobic compost production. [O C]

Gardener's Supply Company
128 Intervale Rd., Burlington, VT 05401
tel 800-863-1700
web site
Gardener's Supply markets equipment, tools, supplies, organic fertilizers, pest controls, and books. They target the home gardener and the very small market grower. [O C]

13799 Airline Hwy, Baton Rouge, LA 70817
tel 800-676-0979, fax 225-755-1240
email, web site
PolyDrip markets everything needed for field or greenhouse irrigation, including drip tape, filters, sprinklers, pumps, and fertilizer dispensers. Personal service and free consulting on irrigation needs and system design is their specialty. Their product line is similar to Irrigation Mart's.

Irrigation Mart
3303 McDonald Ave. East, Ruston, LA 71270-7412
tel 800-729-7246
web site
Irrigation Mart sells everything needed for field and greenhouse irrigation, including drip tape, filters, sprinklers, and pumps. Their product line is similar to PolyDrip's.

McNeely Plastic Products, Inc.
Terri Smith, 5166 Keele St., Jackson, MS 39206
tel 800-433-8407, 601-364-5050, fax 601-364-5060
email, web site
McNeely markets plastic mulch, plastic packaging material, and corrugated boxes.

BWI Companies, Inc.
6013 N. McRaven Rd., P. O. Box 20407, Jackson, MS 39289-1407
tel 800-395-2580, 601-922-5214, fax 601-922-8634
3136 S. Clifton, Springfield, MO 65807, P. O. Box 2208, Springfield, MO 65801
tel 800-247-4954, 417-881-3003, fax 417-881-7055
BWI markets supplies for greenhouse and nursery production, including trays, pots, flats, cells, potting media, fertilizers, seeds, pesticides, irrigation supplies, and misters, as well as products for lawn, turf, and landscaping.

Gallagher Power Fence, Inc.
18940 Redland Rd., P. O. Box 708900, San Antonio, TX 78270-8900
tel 800-531-5908, fax 210-494-9364
email, web site
Gallagher manufactures and markets New Zealand-type low impedance energizers, high tensile power fence wire, poly wire, insulators, posts, and other materials and tools for electric fencing.

100 Countryside Dr., P. O. Box 270, Belleville, WI 53508
tel 800-382-8473 (orders), 800-874-4755 (product information), fax 800-551-1128
web site
Gempler's is a comprehensive mail-order company specializing in USA-made farm and forest safety equipment and supplies, protective gear/garments, and signs, as well as clothes, boots, field equipment and instruments, scales, backpack sprayers, spreaders, tools, and books.

Forestry Suppliers, Inc.
P. O. Box 8397, Jackson, MS 39284-8397
tel 800-647-5368, fax 800-543-4203
web site
Forestry Suppliers markets a variety of field and lab equipment, including soil probes, pH and other meters, weather instruments, scales, backpack sprayers, spreaders, tools, safety equipment, animal traps, and books. Their product line is targeted to foresters and agriculturists.

Spectrum Technologies, Inc.
23839 W. Andrew Rd., Plainfield, IL 60544
tel 800-248-8873, fax 815-4364460
email, web site
Spectrum Technologies manufactures and markets small instruments, such as pH, ec, chlorophyll, and nutrient (ion selective) meters. They are the American distributor for Horiba's Cardy meters (for nitrate, potassium, and sodium).

Fertile Ground Books
P. O. Box 2008, Davis, CA 95617
tel 800-540-0170, fax 530-298-2060
email, web site
Fertile Ground Books (formerly AgAccess Catalog) sells agricultural books, and specializes in sustainable and organic titles. They have a printed catalog, and a complete book list on their web site. Orders can be placed by phone or on the web. [O C]

AgScience, Inc.
114 Lake Ave. East, Auburndale, FL 33823
tel 941-967-8898, fax 941-967-1342
AgScience is a scientific book publisher and distributor, specializing in agricultural books. They carry academic as well as popular titles, and include many hard to find items. [O C]
web site
A web-based book distributor that carries most of the titles listed in this guide, and can find many out of print titles. [O C]

Barnes & Noble
web site
A web-based book distributor that carries most of the titles listed in this guide, and can find many out of print titles. [O C]

Borders Books
web site
A web-based book distributor that carries most of the titles listed in this guide, and can find many out of print titles. [O C]

Frontier Natural Products Co-Op
P. O. Box 299, Norway, IA 52318
tel 800-669-3275
web site
Frontier markets spices, coffee, natural remedies, aromas, much of it certified organic. You can order on-line. [O C]

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Filed Under: Crops, Organic Fruit and Vegetables, Soils, Soil Health, Beekeeping, Herb Gardens, Vegetable Gardens June 28, 2018

SAUCIER, Miss. -- Producers and gardeners looking for tips on growing herbs and improving their soil can attend a July 20 field day.

Filed Under: Commercial Fruit and Nuts, Green Industry, Organic Fruit and Vegetables, Other Vegetables, Corn, Cotton, Nuts, Peanuts, Soybeans, Equine, Goats and Sheep, Poultry, Lawn and Garden, Forestry, Seafood Economics, Seafood Harvesting and Processing March 7, 2018

ELLISVILLE, Miss. -- Mississippi State University representatives met with agricultural clients in Ellisville recently to discuss research and education needs for 2018. More than 115 individuals attended this year's event.

A Mississippi State University specialist stands before a room of seated meeting participants.
Filed Under: Commercial Fruit and Nuts, Green Industry, Organic Fruit and Vegetables, Other Vegetables, Nuts, Forages, Beef, Equine, Goats and Sheep, Swine February 26, 2018

Agricultural clients met with Mississippi State University personnel to discuss research and education needs during the annual Producer Advisory Council Meeting for the southwest region February 20.

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