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Fall Flower and Garden Fest

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October 1, 2013
What is one of the best free horticulture field days in Mississippi and the southeast? Of course the answer is the Fall Flower and Garden Fest at MSU's Truck Crops Branch Station in Crystal Springs. Whether you're a garden novice or Master Gardener, you need to be here Friday and Saturday, October 18th and 19th for the Fall Flower & Garden Fest. There will be fun for the entire family. The event normally attracts over 6000 visitors to see the latest in vegetables, herbs, and flowers. You'll be able to see a great selection of tough roses, ornamental grasses, ornamental grasses, tropical plants, and of course fall vegetables and herbs. There are also plenty of new colorful plants to see. You can't beat the variety available in the ornamental sweet potatoes. Imagine the colorful groundcover you could have in your landscape. The tropical garden with the giant banana plants, is a visitor favorite every year. There are numerous educational activities as well. There will be non-stop seminars and exhibits. And across the lake vendors will be selling hot new plants perfect for fall planting. And, if you have a gardening question or garden-related problem, look for the Mississippi State University experts wearing the vests. Come on out, we look forward to meeting you. I'll be there, and so will a lot of other horticulturists. Remember; put the Fall Flower & Garden Fest, October 18th and 19th on your gardening calendar. I'm Gary Bachman for Southern Gardening.

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