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Rankin County Horticulture

Department: MSU Extension- Rankin County

Major responsibilities are developing, implementing, directing and evaluating educational programs in horticulture to enhance the economic and social development of Mississippians. Programs are available for growing vegetables, fruit & nut production, turf, ornamental plant care, flowers, herbs, and landscape improvement. I also work with commercial industry in the expansion of existing businesses as well as the establishment of new horticulture enterprises.

Mississippi Master Gardener Volunteers

An educational exchange program where individuals with an interest in horticulture are given 40 hours of training and then provide 40 hours of volunteer service to the local community and Extension office through horticulture related activities or projects.   Cost: $85.00

red and green bell pepper with radishes. Illustration.4-H Junior Master Gardener Program

It is a national youth gardening curriculum for young people, beginning in 3rd grade. Students participate in hands-on activities and projects featured in a guide/handbook that centers on plant growth, soil and water relations, insects and disease, fruits, nuts, vegetables and herbs. The program is administered through the local 4-H Agent with assistance from the Area Horticulturist.

4-H Horticulture Event

Youth from the ages of 8-18 are encouraged to participate in competitive activities on judging plant quality, identification of plant specimens and knowledge of plant growth. Visual presentations in gardening/horticulture subjects are also judged. The program is administered through the local 4-H Agent with assistance from the Area Horticulturist.
Man pruning a tall shrub. Illustration.
Mississippi Nursery & Landscape Association

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A non-profit organization whose objective is to advance in the broadest sense the interest of the nurserymen of Mississippi; to aid and contribute to the education of its members and the general public to provide better methods of growing and distribution of horticultural products; to provide a central headquarters to promote better personal relationships of its members; and to inform the members of legislative activity, state and national, which would effect the industry.

Bureau of Plant Industry, MDAC

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The Bureau administers state and federal laws, regulations and programs that deal with plant pests, pesticides, honeybees, plants, professional plant and pest control services, animal feeds, seed fertilizer, lime and amendments (additives) to soils and plants. It cooperates with the Agricultural Aviation Board of Mississippi in administering the state's Agricultural Aviation Licensing Law and maintains cooperative agreements with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and other state and federal agencies.

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