4-H Where are They Now?

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Symone Thomas, former Adams County 4-H'er (Photo submitted)

Q&A with Rhiannon Page

Former Adams County 4-H’er Symone Thomas is living her dream as a meteorologist at FOX West Texas in San Angelo, Texas. When she started in 4-H, Thomas was looking for a fun hobby and a way to spend time with her friends. She found much more—a passion for service. During her college experience at Mississippi State University, Thomas accumulated more than 250 community service hours, earned multiple honors, and was recognized for her service to campus.


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What 4-H memory stands out to you, and why?

A memory that stands out to me is when we went to the 4-H convention at Mississippi State University. That was one of my first visits to MSU and part of what made me fall in love with the school.

Who was the most influential person in 4-H for you?

My advisor, Angela Brooks. She was my teacher, 4-H advisor, and Key Club advisor. She was part of the group of people who instilled the importance of giving back to my community as I grew up.

How do you carry out the 4-H pledge in your life now?

What attracted me to my career field is the service aspect. The atmosphere is ever-changing and has a huge impact on our day-to-day lives. Growing up in Mississippi, I saw my fair share of hurricanes, thunderstorms, snow, and even just the average, picture-perfect day. Imagine how different a given day in my life could have been if I didn’t have meteorologists to look to when these changes happened. Understanding the “why” behind the changes and being able to translate that to the public was something I always wanted to do as my contribution to society.

How did 4-H contribute to your leadership skills?

My love for service continued throughout my collegiate tenure. When I graduated, I had accumulated over 250 community service hours and earned multiple honors and recognitions for my contributions to campus.

How are you still making the best better?

I get to wake up every day and do the things I spent my whole life dreaming about. I make the best better by making sure I leave a positive impact on every person I meet in this social-driven career.

What do you wish people knew about 4-H and how it can make a young person’s life better?

There are so many ways to get involved in 4-H. It’s a great opportunity to help discover what you’re passionate about. 4-H can help a young person figure out their purpose. With all the opportunities present, they have a lot to choose from.

Why should kids join 4-H?

If nothing else, it will give them something positive to do. In my hometown, there weren’t that many opportunities for extracurricular activities outside of sports and music, so 4-H can offer an outlet for students who don’t have an interest in those things.



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