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Should I test my well water before irrigating my greenhouse tomatoes?

I am planning on using a deep well for my irrigation water. Do I still have to have this water tested? If so where should I send the water sample?

Absolutely. Well water should not be assumed to be perfect. It can have quality problems, just like community water can. Send or bring a full gallon of water to:

Mississippi State Chemical Laboratory
112 Hand Building
Mississippi State, MS 39762

If you have questions about the testing or charges, call them at 662-325-3324.

For the sample, a suggested method is buying a gallon of bottled water, using or discarding the contects, rinsing it with your supply water, then fill it, cap it, tape the lid, and label the bottle with a marker with your name, address, and phone. Include a letter asking them to test it for greenhouse tomatoes. Do not use a milk bottle that had milk in it - you can never get all of the contaminating milk out of it.

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