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MVLA Officer Nominations

Nominations will be accepted for volunteers who would like to run for an officer position with the Mississippi 4-H Volunteer Leaders AssociationNomination forms are due in the State 4-H Office February 1, 2019.  This year the following offices will be elected during the Annual 4-H Volunteer Leader’s Conference: Vice President, Treasurer, and Parliamentarian. Nominations will also be accepted for the Assistant Coordinator position in the Northeast Region. In order to be considered for one of the aforementioned offices, the candidate must be a registered 4-H volunteer leader. Candidates must also be prepared to make a three-minute campaign speech during MVLA Annual Business Meeting. The enclosed form should be returned by February 1. With your help, we can put together an excellent slate of officers to serve.


MVLA Officer Nomination Form.pdf

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If you’d like to volunteer more in the New Year, Extension has some wonderful opportunities. We have volunteer organizations designed for all ages and interests, including gardening, healthcare, natural resources and youth development.

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