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How to Determine Fish Balance

How to Determine Fish Balance

There are two ways you can check the predator and prey dynamics of your pond: 1) pull seine samples in late May to early July, and 2) keep accurate records of fishing activity. Alternatively, you could pay a private consultant to conduct an electrofishing sample. Keep reading for more information on the do-it-yourself approach.

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Graphic showing red snapper count in the Gulf of Mexico.
Filed Under: Fisheries, Fish Management April 14, 2021

BILOXI, Miss. -- The results of the Great Red Snapper Count are in!

In 2017, a team of fisheries experts began a two-year task of estimating the population size of red snapper in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico through this unprecedented, federally funded $12 million project. Scientists from several Southeastern universities and institutes, including Mississippi State University, used a variety of methods across the Gulf to accomplish this ambitious goal.

Two men in a boat pose with a large fish in their laps.
Filed Under: Fisheries, Fish Management March 18, 2020

BILOXI, Miss.-- At Mississippi State University’s Coastal Research and Extension Center, we recently aged one of the largest tripletail fish ever caught.

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